Running is for every body; it just takes a pair of sneakers and the drive to get up and go, right? Well, if it takes just a pair of sneakers, then can someone please explain my overflowing gear bag, running drawer, and closet of shoes! As my running career has progressed over the years I’ve developed numerous “needs” from training plans to head bands, from racing flats to to yoga mats. Not sure what you need to hit the pavement and log some miles? Never fear, Mazy is here! I’ll share with you my training and racing experiences, gear reviews, and fantastic training plans.

Who is Mazy?
I’ve been running since my first Cross Country season in the Fall of sixth grade. Waaay back in the ’90s! My family was what we call Lower-Middle-Class and didn’t have a lot of change to spare. I was also not exactly known for sticking with anything, so my first running experiences were without any proper equpiment. I ran in cut-off jean shorts and my school boots until I could prove to my parents that I was passionate about running enough for them to spend the money on running shoes. I was a crazy mess at my first meet; straggly hair, over-sized glasses, giant T-shirt. I ran my heart out in my heavy high top paddock boots, and I came in 5th. I was 3rd on my team behind two 8th graders and my dad was impressed enough to give me my first pair of Nikes. The following week I came in 2nd. By the time track season rolled around I was first in almost everything I ran.

I ran through college–two years on the team, two years for myself. I’ve had all different sorts of jobs from layout editor at a newspaper to a pastry chef at a coffee shop, building circuit boards to financial aid counceling. I had to run through all of those to even try to stay sane. I ran through my pregnancies (all FOUR of them!) and even raced a bit. I am a mom to three little runners and recently completed a surrogacy for another beautiful mama. I’m a stay-at-home-work-at-home mom who trains in her “spare” time. Oh, and I review all the glorious running gadgets and gear that comes my way.

Contact Mazy
Feel free to shoot me an email anytime, Mazy@WriteMe.com or follow me on Twitter @maryalexz or of course leave some love in the comments.
Get out there & enjoy your run!


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