Atlantic City Marathon Training: 1st Quarter Update

On Sunday I finished up the first quarter of my marathon training for my next race.  For most folks this would be the Base stage, though I have a lot of foundation under me from my previous marathon, so it’s more like gearing up for the Quality stage.  I was a little disappointed with the last four weeks of running.  I had hopes of putting in more mileage, but chronic headaches, heat waves, and juggling childcare has put a damper on the miles.  I got in 39, 32, 45, and 42 miles in each of the first four weeks. So much for base mileage!

While my runs have been shorter than intended, they have been quality workouts.  So far I’m not injured and I am feeling strong.  I’ve been a bit ahead of pace on pretty much everything, but, that’s probably okay.  Except for Sunday’s long run, I haven’t been tiring or slowing down.  The majority of my runs feel like a walk in the park – I’m just pressed on time and cutting them short.

I’ve also slacked on the strength training. I know. I need to do it. And I have no excuses for it not getting done.  I promise to do better!!

The kids go back to school at the end of the month, so I have about four more weeks of figuring this out. I have a few things to work on: continue P.T. workouts, focus on pacing, add more miles.  How’s your training going?!


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