Ready, Set, TAPER!

I know it’s a bit early for me to be tapering.  I still have two weeks until the gun goes off. But man, last week was rough. I was practically bed ridden which, at first, I thought was a case of extreme over training or fatigue. I was achy and sore after every run. I was so desperately tired all the time. I had absolutely no appetite and was quickly losing weight. I was getting the chills.  I started to panic. Could I get myself ready in less than three weeks to run a marathon?! Then the fever set in and I was restricted to the bathroom with what ended up being a stomach flu.

I’ve limped back to recovery, but am now taking my tapering very seriously.  I’m still quite tired, so I am all for taking it easy before I crash again.  I still have a handful of workouts left before race day, but am running no faster than my marathon race pace on intervals and threshold runs, keeping my easy pace actually easy, and going for an every other day approach.

Psychologically, tapering can be so hard.  It’s getting close to the big day, yet the training needs to take a slow down, which gives you more time to wrestle with the nerves.  After working so hard for 15 weeks, taking it easy can be almost impossible.  Perhaps catching a virus has been a good thing for me. It forced me to take a bit of a break, to focus on hydrating, and to just sleep.  We’ll see how it all plays out in two weeks!


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