Back to Work!

Well, the holidays are over, the kids are back in school, and it is time to get back to work. Work on running a faster marathon that is! I have been excited to get started on another training block since Thanksgiving. I knew I had to take a break (and I did!), but I was really, really looking forward to working hard again. I’ve run here and there, but felt so lost without any planned workouts or goals. Running aimlessly and “for fun” just wasn’t any fun!

January 16 was circled on my calendar as Day 1 Week 1 of training for my next big race. Yay. However, Day 1 Week 1 was met with agony, fatigue, and multiple trips to the bathroom. Over the weekend the norovirus hit our house and it hit us hard. All five of us were wiped out in a matter of hours. Hubs & I took turns begging each other to kill the other. The children wept. We sipped a lot of broth and watched a lot of movies. We went through a lot of towels. I ended up losing five pounds.

So, training has not started with the enthusiastic bang I had been hoping for. I’ve been on my feet since Tuesday, but running a little reserved until I am completely healed. I am taking this week to get serious though. I’m recommitting to water intake. I am terrible at making sure I drink enough H2O, so my goal is to drink my body weight in ounces. It’s noon now and I’ve only managed to get down 16, so….we’ll see how it goes. I’ve also ordered a cookbook with recipes for runners. After eating nothing but chicken soup and plain toast for four days, I’m feeling rather uninspired to cook and eat. Hopefully this will shake things up and offer me some healthy and tasty options.


I’ve also gone over my training plan with a fine toothed comb. I have 16 weeks of color coded goodness! I am using the plan available through the Garmin Connect site, like I have for the past two races, however, this go ’round I’m using the Marathon Level 3. I’ve had to tweak the training a little since it is (slightly) more challenging than what I’m capable of. This plan calls for double sessions 2-3 times per week, and while I’m a tough cookie, I’m not an elite athlete by any means. I’ve adjusted the workouts in the first several weeks so that I am running one double session per week with longer recovery/cool downs to the other workouts. I’m more or less attempting to meet somewhere in the middle in terms of the mileage asked of me and the mileage I’ll actually perform. Once I get 6 weeks in I’ll assess myself and possibly add a second double session to the week.

Ah! While my tummy my still be a wee bit grumbly, it does feel awfully good to be working toward a goal again!


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