100 Race Miles Challenge

wp-1479257948478.jpgI didn’t start out the year with any challenges in mind other than completing the New England Double and even that came after I finished my VT marathon and needed revenge. As I was getting ready for my second marathon of the year, I realized that I had not only run a lot of miles, but I had RACED a lot of miles! That’s when I decided to attempt to race 100 miles in 2016.

According to my Garmin Forerunner10 GPS watch I’ve completed 1014.9 miles so far this year since I started running January 12th (that’s when I was given the okay from my doctors to start running again and my first 3 miles toward marathon training). 101.43 of those miles were racing miles. That’s three half marathons, two full marathons, a 10k, and a 5k. Racing is hard on my family. Packing up three kiddos early in the morning, traveling to a race, waiting around while Mommy runs…it can be hard on them, and probably fairly boring as well. That’s why I don’t do more than a few local races a year. I like to focus on one big race, a marathon or half marathon, and perhaps a local 5k or 10k here or there. Maybe two or three events a year really. But this year was something special. This year was about being something other than a mom, other than being pregnant, other than feeling broken. It was about being fast, strong, and capable. It was about accomplishment, improvement, proving myself to myself. I had some health issues to overcome as well as some mental hurdles. My training started with zero base other than a few walking miles. Rolling panic attacks kept me from enjoying life. But the one that I have always used to describe myself has been running. So this year was about Mazy being a RUNNER.

I’m ending this year with a drawer of new t-shirts, a whole bunch of hardware, a slew of pictures, and plenty of PRs. I’ve certainly grown as an athlete as well. I’m smarter about racing now. I’m smarter about training as well. My body has heeled and I’m actually pretty happy living in my own skin these days. I do love where my running and racing has taken me and who I’ve become. My 100 Racing Miles was a great challenge to take and I finished it with pride.



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