Vacation & Running

My family took a vacation last week — a one last hurrah before school started up again. An old family friend was moving from New Hampshire to Georgia and we helped out by pulling a trailer of his belongings down for him. Half way there we spent the night in Williamsburg to get our history on before passing off the trailer for unloading. Then we continued on our way to Florida to surprise the kids with a trip to Disney. We also got to see Hub’s family who lives in Daytona, and stopped by Hershey Park on the way back North. We also checked out a cave! It was a whirlwind week of doing all the things!


Barefoot Running at Ormond Beach!

While we had a lot of fun, one of the things did not get done, and that was proper training. I packed all my gear and brought all my good intentions, I really did. Between the extremely late nights driving, bouncing from hotel to hotel, and suffering from serious dehydration, I only managed to get in ONE actual workout. I did run, but my pace was all over and they were merely miles for the sake of miles.  In the end I decided that some movement was probably better than no movement, so I tried not to beat myself up too badly about it.

Here’s what my trip looked like:
Thurs: 5am, 6 miles from home (Connecticut) before packing the kids into the car
Fri: explored Williamsburg with three cranky, unimpressed kids (that counts as a workout, right?)
Sat: 5 easy miles in Pooler, GA. That was hot, sticky, and unpleasant.
Sun: Made it to the in-law’s in Daytona, FL and talked myself into 3×10 min intervals. 6miles total.
Mon: You can’t make me! We hit Orlando & had to get to Disney World by 8am to meet Rapunzel or my daughter would be heartbroken.
Tue: 4 miles to shake out the stiffness from spending ALL DAY at the park.
Wed: Back to the beach. This time I made our beach day a run day. Running on the sand felt great, except for the blisters and sore calves the next day!
Thur: So sore! Took the day off while we traveled north…stopped in Lumberton, SC, but no motivation to tie shoes.
Fri: Ran an up-tempo 4 miler in Hummelstown, PA. It was everything I needed to stretch out the legs! Wish I’d run the day before. Spent the rest of the day at Hershey Park.
Sat: Quick 6 miles and a cave tour before packing it all up and heading for home.
Sun: HOME! 14 mile long run.

There are some things to keep in mind if you plan on traveling AND running:
1. Bring ALL the socks! Because there was so much walking involved, I found my feet in sneakers a lot, which meant I was in socks a lot. I also had super wet socks after all my runs, so there was definitely no way I could get back in the car & go in them! We brought a Rubbermaid bin (with lid) to keep all my gross laundry in while we drove.

2. Protect yourself. I don’t usually wear a pouch or carry my phone on shorter runs, but I definitely did while traveling. I also carried my pepper spray along with me. If you don’t know the area (honestly, even if you do!) it’s better to run safe. **Before you carry something like pepper spray, be sure to be aware of the local laws of such items since they are different in different places.

3. Stuff your running shoes!.I keep the balled up paper that comes with new shoes, but newspaper works just as well. Stuff them in to the toes of your shoes when you aren’t running. It helps dry them out from sweat & moisture as well as keeping the rest of your luggage and vehicle from smelling like a locker room.

4. Check out running routes ahead of time. A lot of apps will show you routes other runners have completed. I like to use Route Runner. I can put in a distance and it will generate a random route for me, or I can customize my own.  This can save you from running into dead ends, strange circles, or boring out & backs on busy roads.

5. Unless your race is the following week, don’t beat yourself up about veering off your training plan. Enjoy your vacation!


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