The Best Workout

Everyone has a different favorite or best workout. For me, it was today’s run.  For a run to be considered a “best workout” it needs to push wp-1472748849095.pngme physically and mentally, and it needs to leave me feeling strong and fierce at the end.  Personally, I love repeats. Hitting the track and cranking out repeats or speed-work almost always leaves me feeling like a super hero.  My training plan has had me doing longer and longer repeats, so I haven’t been on the track in several weeks, but they are still just as satisfying on the road or trail.

Today I ran 3 sets of 2 miles with a 2 minute recovery. My goal was to run the first of the two miles at 7:20-7:30 pace and negative split the second mile, on each rep. It sounds a little complicated, but it really wasn’t. It was a great, challenging workout! Not only did I have wonderful pacing, but I was able to hit sub 7s on my second two reps. Talk about an ego boost!  I then finished off the rest of the workout with an easy, calming 5 miles at about 9-9:30 pace. All in all I finished up 12 miles in under two hours, and I feel like a beast!

What is your favorite workout? A long run, track workouts, hills? Leave some comments below!


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