Running Slow & Feelin’ Groovy

Got no deeds to do,
No promises to keep.

I’ve taken a three week slow-down between training cycles and man, it does feel good! The first week immediately followed the Vermont City Marathon, and that consisted of (gasp!) no running at all. I did a little bit of light walking, but nothing strenuous at all. The second week was very light and slow running every other day for about 30 minutes and lots of stretching. Just very chill, checking out the scenery, enjoying some awesomely cool New England weather. Next week will be my third week “off”. I’ll run a little bit longer with a little bit more overall mileage, but keep my slow, easy pace.

I am a bit itchy to get back to business & I’ve caught myself creeping up on the pace a bit (this is why I always run with my GPS watch!), but I know that taking this down-time is just as important to my marathon training as mile repeats or long runs. While I’m lucky I stayed healthy & injury free so far this year, I do need to let my body fully recover to effectively train for the next race, and hopefully bring my time down. Quality sleep, excellent nutrition, and body weight exercises have been my main focus to keep me healthy & strong and ready to go for another 16 weeks of training.

Sun 5/29 MARATHON DAY! 26.2 miles, 4:03.52
Mon 5/30 Light biking, stretching (travel home)
Tue 5/31 Rest
Wed 6/1 Walked 2 miles
Thur 6/2 Rest
Fri 6/3 Rest
Sat 6/4 Walked 2 miles

Sun 6/5 Ran 30 mins, 10:00 pace, 3 miles
Mon 6/6 Rest
Tue 6/7  Ran 30 mins, 10:00 pace, 3 miles
Wed 6/8 Rest
Thur 6/9 Rest
Fri 6/10  Ran 45 mins, 9:00 pace, 5 miles
Sat 6/11  Rest

Sun 6/12  Easy 5 miles
Mon 6/13 Easy 30 mins
Tue 6/14  Rest
Wed 6/15 Strides, stretches
Thurs 6/16 Rest
Fri 6/17  Easy 30 mins
Sat 6/18  Easy 6 miles


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