Spring Break!

Consistency is key, which is why Spring Break sucks. The kids are home this week and all of our regular routines have gone out the window, including my running schedule. My husband works on the other side of the state Monday through Friday, so I fly solo with the kids during the week. I run at noon when the youngest goes to preschool. But when they have days off it takes a little more creativity with my planning, and unfortunately, sometimes it means extra rest days. But a whole week off? Yeah, I can’t pull that off with a race scheduled next week and the marathon a month away.

Sunrise on the Track

So, you’d think that when my husband took Monday and Tuesday off so he could fix the breaks on his truck I’d make good use of my time, right? Well, obviously I didn’t. Monday I ran long with the plan to take Tuesday off.  But then Hubs was home Tuesday. It was a gift I just didn’t know what to do with. So I decided to push up Wednesday’s workout to Tuesday, run easy super early on Wednesday before he left for work in the morning, use Thursday as another track day with the kids and Friday off. But, Tuesday was hot and sunny, so I waited until dinner time to get to the track to avoid the heat. However, the facilities were being used by the high school track team! So Tuesday wound up being a day off any way. I decided to get up super early & do my workout Wednesday morning before he had to leave for work. But I’m lazy and NEVER get up early enough. I hit the track at 6am, but that really didn’t give me enough time for the full 5x1600m workout. Plus is was very cold (34 degrees), my muscles were tight, I had a side stitch, I was tired….I just wasn’t running well and gave up and went home after 3 sets. I tried to do something completely different from my normal routine and I wound up getting nothing out of it. As much of a bust Wednesday’s early morning track workout was, I did manage to make up for it Thursday afternoon. I dragged the kids with me to the track after lunch, and even though it was very hot & sunny, I managed to pull sub 4’s in all of my 1000 meter repeats. I certainly felt better about myself, and I had a pit crew to boot!

They cheered, ran recovery laps with me, and kept water at the ready!

Did I log as many miles as I should have this week? Nope, not even close. But I did have fun with the kids running at the track, hiking through the woods, and (attempting) to do some yoga together. It was a break from class for them and a break from the rigidness of training for me. And I think we all benefited this week from a little inconsistency.



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